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Expert CAD services

Whether you have a napkin drawing or you email us a file, our experts will create a high-quality drawing of your part or assembly.


We use innovative 3D solid modeling software to create your project. Because the geometry is included in your drawing, you can easily convert to CAM software for development.


During the development process, we can also provide assistance in the layout and construction of your part to help you cut your manufacturing costs. Let our team find you great solutions!

Experienced project development

Here at Alpha Plastic & Designs, we keep in mind your project development and we make sure your drawings are easily convertible.


Your project is developed using the latest innovative software programs to ensure the highest quality end results for your

CAD services.


We can also create a CNC program for machines from the project drawing. Contact our friendly team for more information.

Your CAD project

•  Latest version of Solid Works

•  3D drawings

•  CNC program available

•  CAD drawing made available

•  CAD drawing useful to advertise

   and get quotes from

   prototype house

•  Solid Works remains

   industry standard

•  Experienced CAD specialists

For innovative results,

trust the experts at

Alpha Plastic & Designs.

Contact us for CAD services.


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