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Plastic products

Here at Alpha Plastic & Designs, we are continuously serving the needs of businesses. Our full-scale machine shop here at the Fort Collins facility can route, mill, and lathe the part you need to precisely the specification you require.


We can cut or route your choice of plastic component to any shape or size you need. We also currently offer some 3D plastic milling services. Whether you need plastic remnants, full sheets, or larger quantities, give us a call today.

Large available inventory of plastic

If you're in need of a small 12 X 12 inches of plastic to larger full sheets, we have what you need at our facility here.


You can select from the plastic we currently have available pre-cut, or we can route or cut the size and shape you need.


We work with a large vender database, and we'll find you the best price - even if it is a unique type of plastic. You can get any size shape or size you need, and we'll show you our available plastic remnants, too. Contact us today for fast and friendly service.

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Whether you need pre-cut or a special size or shape, we'll find you the solutions you need in plastics.

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