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Software capabilities

Here at Alpha Plastic & Designs, we keep our software updated with the latest versions to ensure you're getting the highest quality product possible. Additionally, our CAD personnel and programmers are always improving their skills to provide excellence in everything we complete.


We provide you with affordable solutions and impeccably accurate results so your project can run efficiently and smoothly during all stages.


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Innovative software

Solid Works - Our CAD software is used for computer-assisted design and development. We are networked to each operating station.


MasterCam X4 - The mill / router / lathe versions will import the CAD drawings for your project. When programmed, they will provide a CAM program for CNC machines.


One CNC - This software is used in our router department.


BodCad - Our team uses this software in our router department.


Enroute - It is used in our plastic fabrication department.


Autocad Lite - We use this software in conversion drawing.


The systems we use for quoting, work order, purchasing, and invoicing for everyday business were created in-house here at Alpha Plastic

and Design.


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